Yew Bonsai Tree Part 1

Yew Bonsai Tree Part 1

Yew Bonsai Tree care and maintenance. I repot and also show how to prune a Yew Bonsai Tree. These trees are very easy to maintain and care for. Pruning of a Yew Bonsai Tree is also very simple and easy to do.

Its been a very difficult twelve months. Wrong medical diagnosis for twelve months only to be told earlier this week there was nothing wrong they had got it wrong with kidney stones !
coupled with three other health issues diagnosed at the same time in June Last year. Please to say they are not life threatening and under control with life style and diet change with regular visits to the gym. In October my son died and funeral arrangements took seven weeks as his mother and I are divorced and she remarried some one who is not very pleasant to foreigners. Then in April this year my sister died. In the last two weeks my home was being broken into in the middle of the afternoon, in-spite of the fact that I was home, Police rapid response were on the scene within minutes. Door had to be temporarily boarded up with repairs to follow. That was on Monday. On Thursday my iPhone X was stollen from my desk by some one pretending not to speak english and in presence of two members of staff. On Friday night my Japanese Arakawa maple was stolen. These three events happened in one week. For the last four months my ankle has suffered from fungal infection and in-spite of treatment its healing very slowly and to cap it all for the last two weeks I have severe lower back pain.


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