Growing Trees On Mars, Part 6, The Bonsai Zone, Jan 2019

I complete my mars soil simulant on the first sunny day of 2019. I’m feeling more confident that I will be able to grow bonsai trees in this Martian soil after a series of tests. My NASA 3D printed Curiosity rover is complete with painting and detailing.
Here is a link to the entire playlist for this Mars series….

Music by Jo San

Raku Fired Bonsai Pots

Raku Fired Bonsai Pots

Raku Fired Bonsai Pots This is a slightly different sort of video from Herons Bonsai. We wanted to share with you that occasionally we make our own Raku Fired Bonsai Pots (these aren’t frost-proof, sorry). They can certainly help to display a bonsai tree. More great stuff can be found…

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