Japanese Maple Shaping Decisions – Part 1

Japanese Maple Shaping Decisions – Part 1

How do you decide on the shape of a Maple Bonsai? In this video, I show you the process of deciding the shape of the tree. I use many examples as the more options I show you the more confident you will become when making that choice yourself.

Every tree has a different styling option. It is important to decide what works, whether a broom style tree or a twin trunk or any other shape and style Bonsai. Bear in mind that usually, the base of the tree will determine to a large extent what the front of the Bonsai will be.

Top Tip: When you cut the trunk leave about an inch or so as a stub and don’t cut flush to the trunk as it will die back to the next point. Once cut you can use a wound sealant.

Don’t forget making bonsai takes patience.

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