Japanese Maple Bonsai Forest Acer palmatum Summer Pruning

Japanese Maple Bonsai Forest Acer palmatum Summer Pruning

This video explores some of the strategies available for Bonsai Pruning Japanese Maple Bonsai, Acer palmatum Bonsai Forest Summer Pruning. We will walk through what one need to look for before starting to prune. Pruning Bonsai is something all bonsai tree beginners have to contend with, it may look daunting at first but there are simple guidelines that will help you to get a show quality bonsai in relatively few years.

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Ryuga Professional Bonsai Tree Tools
I like the Ryuga rage of Bonsai Tools, commissioned by Bonsai Artists Roberts Stevens. They have a fair quality and finish to them.

He manufactures both stainless and carbon steel ones. The stainless steel ones are a little more expensive but if your budget permits then get them. The carbon steel ones are what the pros-use are they keep their edge longer and are more durable. Having said that I do use a lot of stainless steel tools too as they are easy to maintain and keep sharp.

Bonsai Tool Roll –

Mark D’Cruz, Ma-Ke Bonsai, London, UK
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