Creating a Bonsai tree

Creating a Bonsai tree

In this advanced demo, we design a large ‘Sabina Juniper’ Bonsai tree. It was collected in the mountains of Spain about four years prior to this styling. The work was done by Rafael Torres and Bjorn Bjorholm, who teaches several online courses on our website:

Topics discussed:
– Repotting (done 2 years ago)
– Preparing the tree and making sure it is very healthy
– Cleaning the trunk
– Finding the life veins
– Creating deadwood
– Tools used to create deadwood
– Applying lime sulfur to preserve the deadwood
– Identifying and removing crotch growth, leggy growth and undergrowth
– Deciding on the front
– Design Process and branch selection
– Wiring and setting branches
– Applying guy wires
– Designing the apex
– Future steps to take

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