Training a Black Pine Bonsai : Bud Growth after Candle Cutting

In this video, Jason shares two black pines from his nursery. One black pine bonsai with the candle cut recently and another with the candles cut 2-3 weeks prior. He shows the growth that appears on the black pine after the candles has been cut and how you can use this process to ramify your black pine bonsai and develop branches. Hosted by Jason Chan of

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Video on How to cut candles on your Black Pine Bonsai:

Black Pine Bonsai:

Best Times to Cut Black Pine Candles: Summer Months (June – August)

Ficus Bonsai Tree Defoliation – Reducing Bonsai Leaf Size

In this video, Jason discusses a ficus tree that was defoliated one year ago. To help show the progression, he left some branches on the tree from a year ago in order to compare the effects of defoliation and why it’s a useful technique when working with your Ficus Bonsai. Hosted by Jason Chan of Eastern Leaf.

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