When you need a pair of Bonsai Jin Pliers

When you need a pair of Bonsai Jin Pliers

A good pair of Bonsai Jin Pliers is not one of the first tools I would recommend you purchase. There are a lot of workarounds and other tools that can be used in place of Bonsai Jin Pliers.

A jin is one of the first bonsai deadwood techniques that most people learn. It is by far the easiest. When you want to artificially make a tree seem older or affected by the weather. A jin is a good choice. 

To create a jin, you crush the tip of a branch and then strip the bark and wood back until the branch looks like it was broken by natural causes. Finally, coat the bare wood with lime-sulfur or wood hardener.

Below are a few bonsai jin pliers that range in price from beginner level to advanced.

Bonsai Jin Pliers
Bonsai Jin Pliers
Bonsai Tree Pruning Tool Bonsai pliers are perfect for assisting in bending wire around branches while wiring your tree for modelling
The rounded ends help ensure that your tree does not become damaged in the process
It also can be used for stripping your bonsai
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Jin Pliers from Tian BonsaiQuality: master's grade, handmade by the master worker from TianBonsai, have the best quality in our tools.
Material detail: the New Jin Pliers , manufactured via 5Cr15MoV stainless steel.
Hardness detail:New Jin Pliers was differential he
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Beginner Bonsai Jin PliersMaterial is Carbon Steel, handmade by skilled worker from TianBonsai.
Please choosing our tools safely, we offer the best Sales service. Normal usage within one year if the product is not up to standard, to ensure replacement, if your tool
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My favorite tool to use before I had a pair of bonsai jin pliers was some needle-nosed vice grips. They had the power to crush wood and could be locked on for tearing and pulling. 

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