Bonsai From Field Grown Material

Bonsai From Field Grown Material

In this video, Peter takes a field grown Maple and starts the process of turning it into a Bonsai. Peter has had this Maple for around 25 years. It started its life planted in the ground, where it was grown for around 10 years. It was then dug up and planted in a flower pot where it grew for another 10 years. A few years ago it was planted into a larger container where it has been for about 3 years. Over that time the roots have spiraled around the trunk the tree unappealing. This video takes you through the process of turning a large field grown tree and starting the process of creating a bonsai.

Peter also takes you on a tour around a section of the Herons field. We have an 8-acre site here, half of which is given over to growing the bonsai we sell on the nursery. We have many different species of Bonsai Maples, Pines and Yews to name a few. Trees that are too big for bonsai will end up as garden trees.

Top Tip: Finding the front of the tree is an important step when creating any bonsai and it is worth taking your time with this step, looking at the tree from every angle. A turntable is a helpful tool in this process. To design the tree you need to decide what the front will be.

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