Basic Bonsai Tools Care and Cleaning

Basic Bonsai Tools Care and Cleaning

Bonsai Tool Care Kits
Nylon Brush –
Camellia Oil –
WD-40 Oil –
Micro-Fibre Cleaning Cloth –
Crean Mate –
Garryson Garryflex Abrasive Block –
SandFle Hand Block –
Sharpening Stone, Oil Stone –
Diamond Tool Sharpener Rod –
Bonsai Tool Roll-

Getting into a routine habit of caring for your bonsai tools will ensure they look great, last longer, but they will also ensure that proper hygiene is maintained for your bonsai trees and pest and disease are not passed on in between bonsai trees via you bonsai tool. In this short exploratory video, we demonstrate simple practices to help you achieve this.

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