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Hi, I’m John Cornelison. I choose “the bonsai seed” to represent our journey, both physically and artistically. Many beginners start the bonsai hobby by buying “bonsai seeds.” However, bonsai seeds do not exist. They are simply regular tree seed that a tended in special techniques. The name also implies a journey from learner to master. As far as becoming a bonsai master, I will paraphrase the television series “Kung Fu.” How long will it take to become a bonsai master? A lifetime, perhaps longer. That is not to say that we can’t make very good bonsai trees. I mean it to say that this is a hobby that can be enjoyed at every level and learning will continue throughout your bonsai journey.

I am not a bonsai master. Most of my professional life I have been a professional archaeologist. I have been growing trees and cultivating bonsai trees since 2011 and I consider myself a beginner. I try to provide information, through curation and creation, that will help the beginner bonsai grower learn from what I have already learned.







Archaeologist John Cornelison

Archaeologist John Cornelison

Bonsaist John Cornelison

Bonsaist John Cornelison

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