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147) (MORE) Ficus Bonsai, Genus, retusa, petiolaris, carica, indoor  कामरूप, अंजीर, बोन्साई नंदी,

(MORE) Ficus Bonsai, Genus including Ficus retusa, Ficus petiolaris, Ficus carica, indoor bonsai कामरूप, अंजीर, बोन्साई नंदी. Hopefully you will enjoy these as much as you seemed to enjoy the earlier Figs species video. For lots more bonsai videos

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Ficus religiosa Bonsai

Ficus religiosa Bonsai, Jan 2017

After a period of growth, it’s time to defoliate and prune the canopy to size. This is video number six of this tree, go to the playlist tab on the channel to see the previous videos or click here…..

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