How to make a Chinese Elm Bonsai Forest Part 3

Chinese Elm Bonsai Forest

Chinese Elm Bonsai Forest This bonsai forest was created two years ago, consisting of five Chinese Elm Trees. In this video the group planting is expanded by the addition of two more trees, making it a seven tree planting.

No anchor wires are used to secure the trees in their shallow bonsai pot. Instead, the trees are planted unsecured and rocks added to provide stability to the trees and ensure they stay upright. Once the trees have established in this shallow bonsai pot, the roots would have fused, the rocks will then be removed. Moss will be added at a later stage of the development of this bonsai group planting.

Japanese forest or group plantings tends to consist of an odd number of trees, such as three, five, seven, nine etc, whereas Chinese tend to have even number such as eight, which is considered to auspicious and lucky. In my bonsai forest planting, I have gone for the odd number of trees. More trees will be added as this bonsai group planting develops of the future period.


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