Four Bonsai Turntables that Won’t Break the Bank

Four Bonsai Turntables that Won’t Break the Bank

Bonsai Turntables probably wouldn’t be the first tool I would buy for my bonsai, but they sure make styling easy. There are many turntables that are quite reasonably priced. Using a turntable will allow you to quickly view your plant from all angles. If you put a wooden edge onto your turntable it is very easy to visualize cascades and windswept plant design.

Bluecell 12 Inch Heavy Duty Rotating Swivel Steel Ball Bearings Stand Turntable12 - InchB009NPJ0RWAmazon Buy it Now!
1 X 10" Rotating Turntable - Lazy Susan - 65 Lbs Capacity10 - InchB0018O2XFCAmazon Buy it Now!
Bonsai Tree Turntable 10 by 10 round mini
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Jumbo 16" Rotating Swivel Turntable - Lazy Susan - 150 Lbs Capacity16 - InchB00ELPS91MAmazon Buy it Now!

Bonsai Knife

A good sharp Bonsai Knife is one of the most important tools you can have. There are so many uses that I can't even list them all. You just need it there when it is needed.

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