How To Make a Bonsai tree from Nursery Stock – Persimmon – Part 3

How to bonsai a Persimmon fruit tree – Part 2
or how to grow bonsai fruit trees.
Six Persimmon saplings were acquired a few years ago, one was planted in the ground and the other five left in their plastic nursery pots. Now these trees are bring repotted into bonsai pots and transformation has started to make them into bonsai tree. Persimmon trees are a native of China, Japan and the USA. A variety of the Japanese Persimmon is grown in the Sharon Plains in Israel and the fruit exported to the west, fruit is called Sharon Fruit. They bear fruit which is orange in colour. You can eat the bonsai fruits.

These videos show the process, what to do and how to do so you too can repeat these processes at home. As these videos show how to grow bonsai fruit trees at home.


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