Bonsai Tree Early Summer Root Trimming Tip Video

Early Summer Root Trimming

Transcript for Early Summer Root Trimming

John: Hey, good morning, my name is John. I want to share a technique that I use kind of late in the season like this. But we have so many stock plants like this little guy here. That are maybe one day going to be bonsai trees, but not yet. There just stock and when we re-pot. We don’t always have time to get the every one and I don’t want to cut these roots late in the season. So I got this little work around, I’ve never seen it written anywhere so I don’t know if it’s official bonsai. Just my thing that I do to save having to cut the roots late in the season. I should have cut the roots on this little guy maybe 2 months ago. So I don’t want to shock it right in the middle of growth season so I’ll just trim anything that’s extended beyond the bottom of the bonsai pots. Go ahead and take this little guy out. See that the roots are pretty, they’re ready to be trimmed but I’m going to wait until next year. What I’m going to do is just try and buy myself a little bit of time here. So I take a much bigger pot because I want this to just to increase in size. So nothing does more to increase in size than a big pot. And I fill it up with some organic soil that I have here has a lot of wood chips and aggregates. You good for our area but you have to check in yours. I fill this pot up. A good, four fifths of the way to the top and just a little more in here and what I’ll do now that I’ve got it filled up. I’ll just make a little cavity here for this plant that I’m going to put in there. I’ll take the roots and I’ll just break them up and drop the soil right into the cavity. The cavity and a little more soil right on top, give it in good shape and then I’ll give that a good bonsai watering can and it will be ready to go. Let it grow and then I could trim the roots next season and this has brought me a little more time and I haven’t had to shock the tree. So I hope this tip helps you.



Junipers are coniferous plants in the genus Juniperus of the cypress family Cupressaceae. Depending on taxonomic viewpoint, between 50 and 67 species of juniper are widely distributed throughout the Northern Hemisphere, from the Arctic, south to tropical Africa, from Ziarat, Pakistan east to eastern Tibet in the Old World, and in the mountains of Central America. The highest-known Juniper forest occurs at an altitude of 16,000 feet (4,900 m) in south-eastern Tibet and the northern Himalayas, creating one of the highest tree-lines on earth.

Bonsai Branch Bender

This bender is very helpful as you become more advanced in bonsai. This tool is very adjustable and will easily handle tree trunks up to an inch. They are very low priced and can be left in place. I did a short demo video on this bender. Watch the Bonsai Branch Bender demo video.

Bonsai Knob Cutters

A good pair of Bonsai Knob Cutters is essential for advanced bonsai artistry. These tools are great for gettting in close and removing small buds, branchs, gins, and inperfections. This is a high quality pair and is made from carbon steel.

Bonsai Tweezers

This is probably not the first bonsai tool I would buy, but it sure comes in handy. There is always something small, like a bud or a bug that needs to be grabbed. This type is good because there is a blade tool on the opposite end. This can be used to loosen the plant from the edge of a pot.

Bonsai Leaves Branch Shears

For a smaller hand, the best pair of shears is Bonsai Leaves Branch Shears. The smaller opening allow the user greater control and the length allows you to reach deep inside a plant and clip interior leafs and branches.

Bonsai Knife

A good sharp Bonsai Knife is one of the most important tools you can have. There are so many uses that I can't even list them all. You just need it there when it is needed.

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